I began to build a passion for holistic sexual wellness when I began taking care of my mother who'd battled stage four colon cancer for 3 years. My mother was an herbalist and she studied and practiced alchemy for 22 years.

She believed in the healing powers of crystals and stones and was a faithful follower of ancient Taoism. My mother was a true gem! I do know she began to get tired and wanted to "rest" in peace. Her drive to stay "here" was for my children and I. Mom needed rest..... When she'd passed away in September of 2018, I'd learned so much about the healing power of herbs, meditation, and natural health.

I took pride in taking care of my mother and giving her the best quality of life I possibly could, as she'd done for me. It was a great mission and accomplishment for me and even though she is in a better place, I know I was successful!

My study into the sexual side of holistic medicine and practice began shortly after mother's passing and I believe it was a gift the universe willed to me through my mother! That I may continue on the journey to teaching other women and men the value of holistic wellness!

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you!

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