Fertility Support Herbs Bundle


The Womb Bloom blend is a specialty blend for those seeking steam to support the journey to fertility.

Steaming Herbs: All organic blend of the known herbal womb allies of raspberry leaf, nettles, vitex, rose, red clover, jasmine, lavender, and Dong Quai.

One ounce/one steam package, which comes in a biodegradable/compostable cello package with full instructions for use.

Herbal Tea: with organic raspberry leaf, red clover, nettles, motherwort, vitex, passionflower, & honeybush tea.

One ounce makes 8-12 cups of tea depending on how much you use. Easily brew in a tea ball or unbleached tea filter bag.

First-time users will receive a How To Use Manual included with their first order! 

*You may order more herbs upon request at $3.00 more per oz. UP TO 4 oz. 

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Fertility Support Herbs Bundle
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